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Pete looked around him. He was confined to four grey walls. A nurse walked in, confirming his fears. He had regained consciousness in a hospital. He first thought turned to his twin brother.

"Where is he?" The crisp morning paper answered him. The headlines screamed: Speed Kills! So, Pat had died in the accident!

It all began when Pete bought a new sports car, the newest and the ultimate in driving pleasure. On a dark wet night, They sped off in quest of thrills that spilled out in ecstasy. It amounted to an increasing disregard for death. With the ominous wind caressing their faces, they were oblivious of their impending doom. He recalled the approaching bright lights of a moving vehicle as he drove. It was too fast, much too fast to stop. He heard his own screams before slipping into a world of darkness.

Nothing could bring back his beloved brother.

This was the dire consequences of being wild and willful, they should have been more careful.

His reckoning came too late. He had gone too fast.