Speed Camera Analysis Essay

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Example Analysis (articled being analysed is on next page)

The article 'Cameras ARE just revenue raisers', by Greg Kelton, the State Editor of the AdelaideNow publication, contends that speed cameras are purely used as revenue raisers. The article studies and explains a university report that provides evidence that supports the contention as well as providing possible solutions to this issue.

The author supports their line of argument through continued reference to a university study on speed camera placement, which was a 'report prepared...for Liberal MP Ivan Venning'. By expressing this fact it shows that there is authority and power behind this report

By quoting Mr. Venning and stating that the state needs to focus their resources on 'the most effective safety measures' in regards to keeping the roads safe and quotes him saying that we must ensure "motorists do not become victims of the tax collector". The majority of Australians are motorists and by labelling them as 'victims' makes them appear at the mercy of the 'tax collector' and thus, making a large mass of the community seem to be suffering from adverse circumstance, pushing them to believe that speed cameras are not only used for their main intended purpose but also function as revenue raisers for the government.

Furthermore, speed cameras are depicted to not only be used in order to catch speeding drivers but also as a source of government income through numerous examples of ill-placement of these cameras. Kelton points out that 'black spots' or high incident areas have been found to have a lack of speed cameras surrounding them, with the majority of them not being used where accidents occur. By using this information it is brought to the attention of the reader that, although speed cameras do actually catch speeding drivers, this is not...