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Date: 6/2/2005

To: Rosa Perez, Regional Vice President of Administration

From: Human Resources Advisement Council

RE: Situational Employee Guidance

Enclosed please find situational assessment and legal guidance regarding the 5 Situations listed below as well as recommendations on obligations and necessary action needed.

Situation 1. Employee Franklin Coffee - 3 - 4 weeks time off to care for immediate family

Situation 2. Employee Farah Lee - Suspicion of pay discrimination

Situation 3. Monitoring of company telephones and computers

Situation 4. Employee Dominic Sellick - Requesting days off to accommodate religious beliefs.

Situation 5. Employee Carmen Hernandez - Medical issue contributing to potential liability.

Situation #1

Franklin Coffee is requesting time off for 3-4 weeks to arrange for the placement of his mother into a long-term care facility. The company's legal obligations are to grant Mr. Coffee the time off without pay as stated in the Family and Medical Leave Act. Franklin has the option to take 12 work weeks unpaid during a 12-month timeframe. Only if he has worked 12 months and 1250 hours . If not he does not qualify even if the company does have to offer FMLA. Justification falls under the care for an immediate family member (mother) with a serious health condition. Furthermore Mr. Coffee is allowed additional time off intermittently during the 12 months with a total of 12-weeks. Franklin may elect to use annual leave or sick time for any leave time after his 12-weeks are up.

Upon return from leave, Mr. Coffee must be allowed to the resume the same or an equivalent position as to when he left. Mr. Coffee is also entitled to continual health benefit coverage and it is at our discretion whether to continue to paying the premiums, or make them Mr. Coffee's expense. Additionally, Spendbig may...