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Indiana the Sperm and his Quest to find the egg Hey everyone I'm sure you've heard of me as I am the famous Indiana Jones. In this particular adventure I am playing the part of one of the many sperm cells in this story. Now lets begin: " Hey slow down, I'm not as fast as you guys." Said bobby sperm.

"We don't care because we are going to get to the egg first" Indiana said as he stormed off In front of the other sperms. He was gaining on the leading sperm.

Up the uterus I went swimming for my life, it was so dark and damp at this stage of my journey. Now alot of my friends and fellow sperms had died either because they would have been too tired and would have ran out of energy. I understood there aren't many sperms that are great enough to get to the one and only EGG .

After what seemed like a year I saw it, I yelled at Bobby, " Its there Bobby, we've really made it, we have got to our final destination!!! " But he wasn't there so I ran back but only to find him lying on the floor dying, this is what he said, " I'm too weak to make it, only one can make it anyway and you deserve to, I just want you to know that I have always believed in you, goodbye old buddy. " That was the last I ever heard of Old Bobby, but lets get on with MY success story. I was in the last fifty millimetres and only me and another sperm called Fred was alive, I knew I was destined to beat him, after all I am Indiana Jones the Famous Adventurer. So I said to him, " Hey, Fred you wanna make a bet, I bet that I get to the egg first and I also bet that you want to bet that you will win first! " " Your on! " said Fred So we raced and guess what! I won of course so I told him so! " Hey Fred I told you so, I won! " " Yeah you won but guess what, you are going to die as soon as you fertilise that egg! " " Oh no! " " Goodbye Indiana "