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Spider Woman's Web Summery The book Spider Woman's Web as the way that I interpret it is that Spider Woman is a "superhero" if you will for women. She is the knight in shinning armor. She always seems to come and help a person out in their time of need. Spider Woman is what gives women hope. She is a very kind and giving woman who is really at one with nature. The amount of respect for Mother Nature and all of her creatures is impeccable. Spider Woman has been around for generation and generations, because of the wonderful storytelling by the Native Americans.

Spider Woman has taken on many different names throughout the years such as, Spider Grandmother, Messenger of the Sun, and the mother of all life depending on what tribe you hear it from. She is also the one who decided that the family name should be passed on through her.

I think that the word "web" in the story refers to the all the ways she help women. Also that a web branches out and just keeps expanding which to me means that since she has been around for centuries and will be around for many centuries to come. Spider Woman will live as long as her name is spoken.

Susan Hazen-Hammond writes Spider Woman's Web. The main point of the book is women's power and success told by Native American women. The Native American people have always told stories containing nature, great warriors, honor, pride and the power of woman. The difference between the Native Americans women and the European stories is that the European stories portray women as weak and helpless while the Native Americans portray women as strong powerful.

All of the stories told of woman depicted them as the creator, a woman with supernatural power and strong, according to the Native American storytellers. Oral tradition is a huge part of the Native American culture. Stories are past on from generation to generation, which tend to get change over time. One thing that will never change about the stories is the heroics of women and their power. Women are the ones who can create life and have the power to withstand the pain of childbirth to supply the world with children.

Women are also healers, warriors, prophets, artist and murderers. According to storytellers women can be as evil as they are good. Also the stories told cover all areas of life such as rape, torture, incest, violence, and child abuse. The purpose of the stories told by them is all about looking within your self, to better yourself, so that you can be more at peace with yourself and the world around you.

Native Americans are not just one culture or group because there are many different tribes and traditions, customs, and languages. But through out all of this the Spider Woman stories stay the same as far as the messages even with the variations of the details. The stories are so rich in detail, with so much respect for nature. Its almost like the Native Americans are born with the meaning of life just by the way they live or talk about life. Death is such a part of life for them but the way they except it and welcome death is unlike any other culture or people.