Spies: Comparing a novel, poem, and movie

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This was written for a culminating activity to compare three different forms of writing. The theme is espionage and the pieces used can be found on the internet, bookstore and movie rental establishment.

Watching films and reading various literature are some of life's greatest joys. We start when we are children and to be honest, our attention spans are too short to even care about what we are watching really is about, as long as it has bright colours and sing along songs. As time goes by, however, we get ideas about what is good and what is not good. To make these decisions we must, at some level, decide what is a good story concept and what is not. One thing to remember is that, even if there are different forms of entertainment such as a movie, You Only Live Twice, a poem, "Espionage of a Moon", or novel, "A Game of Spies" they can have similar ingredients but they can be different where it really counts; the plot.

You Only Live Twice, Espionage of a Moon and A Game of Spies have their differences, but they also have a few good similarities. First of all, all three forms of writing have spies who are calm and cool under pressure. The movie, which is the most obvious for having a cool character, has a scene in which James Bond is fighting a big muscular man, twice his size. During the entire fight he does not lose his composure, and after he has his way with the big guy he proceeds to have a nice martini and cracks a few jokes to the guy in a coma on the ground. In the book, Gestapo agents are chasing Hobbs, the main character, but he does not run,