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Overview Over the past year, Spiral has grown to a magnitude that is twice the size of our biggest competitors. Currently the company commands 44% of the world's market, a growth of 30% over the share we held at the end of last year. Initial investment has been multiplied 11 times, allowing the management to put aside substantial resources to invest in the future and pay off generous dividends.

Spiral is committed to constant growth in order to remain the market leader in profits. In the past year, the company has taken on new challenges in response to the growing demand for computers world-wide: it has developed three new brands and is now servicing all five segments it has opened offices in 12 cities on four continents: North America, Europe, Asia and Australia it has become the world's profit and market share leader and is now determined to defend both positions Our success is the result of good strategic thinking, careful positioning and remarkable flexibility.

We strive to be the best: we offer the most sophisticated products, distribute them in the most convenient places, sell them at the lowest possible prices and communicate with our customers in the clearest possible way.

We sell the highest value in the world! Our product: Expanding the product line A careful analysis of new developments in the industry suggested in mid-year that to preserve its leadership, Spiral has to examine the possibilities of developing products for all five segments. Initially, the company developed brands for the two most profitable segments -- the Mercedes and the Work Horse. Performance within the segments was satisfactory but competition was fierce. The high margins in the Mercedes segment and the high volumes in the Work Horse market drew an increasing number of companies and for us...