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4. How applicable is SPIRIT's strategy to other companies and industries?

The SPIRT's strategy is applicable to other companies and industries to some extend. Specifically, when companies or industries are choosing a marketing strategy, some issues need to be considered. For example, how to get the contracts from the potential companies and how to open the new market.

According to the case study, Knocking every door of companies is more useful to get the contracts at the beginning of a new company. It is simple but low efficiency. By contrast, the more efficient way is looking for new local partners which means hiring an ex-president of a big well-known company to steadily acquired different contracts. Because locals hardly experience any language or cultural barriers; equally locals understand country-of-origin effects better than outsiders. From my aspect, company managers can choose the different way of getting contracts in the different stage of development of the company.

Secondly, various countries experience the totally different markets because of the Cultural values, Education and training system, Corporate and bankruptcy law, Financial markets, Taxation policy, Social protection and Science/industry linkages. When the companies encounter a new market, the examples of Spirit inspire them to choose market strategy properly. For instance, penetrating into American market without traditional American way of moving to the Silicon Valley, deferring the progress of entering Russian market due to the Russian business model,etc, Which reduce the risk of losing management control over business and keep the Maximum interests and competition in the markets.

Then, go faster than you possibly can, as Andrew said: "we have to work 'one step ahead' of the market and be ahead of the market needs ... two years ahead, minimum."

At the heart of marketing lies on how well an organization becomes marketing-orientated. The more committed a...