Spiritual VS Physical Need.

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Spiritual VS Physical Need

"Does God exist?" Dating as far back as recorded history, this question was asked over and over again which many scientists and religious believers have had heated arguments on. However, when we look into the luxurious world today, it seems like a miracle that Jesus or God made in the Bible. In contrast, when we come back to reality, it is really the engineers and scientist that created this beautiful picture of the world. Then who is really behind this power that help made this wonderful world? Is it the belief of those who built this world or is it the skilled that they learned from the professionals? To me, I believe that God and science both take charge in creating the world. They are both equally important.

God does not have to be referred to just Christianity. It is a theism that refers "to a belief in a personal God who created the world and who continues to be connected with its processes and with us" (Mitchell, p.

166). As Mitchell describes in chapter four of her book, God "loves us and expects love in return". People rely on their religion for spiritual support. When one is stressed, they can seek support from their faith in their theist.

On the other hand, science plays an important role in everyone's life. Everything that evolves around us is made from technologies. Science help made this world faster and easier. From the first invention of telephones to the latest discoveries of spaceships, people are able to benefit from it. The knowledge that people gain through studies in schools helps to create this world to be a better place. Science help provided a physical need for us.

In chapter three, Mitchell used avocado and artichoke to describe how the...