Spirituality Of Those With Fatal Diseases

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"Spirituality and People With Potentially Fatal Diagnoses" Authors: Patricia B. Fryback,RN,PhD Bonita R.Reinert, RN, PhD A. Statement of Phenomenon The statement of phenomenon was clearly stated within the article. The issue at hand was to determine how people with potentially fatal diagnoses view and experience the concept of health. However, research has generated a substantial amount of data describing how the role of spirituality in health would affect the outcome as well as how people would view the diagnosis of a terminal illness. Based on this essential concept, further study needs to look at this critical concept.

B. Purpose The purpose of this qualitative study was clearly outline in the study which was to look at the concept of spirituality from the perspective of people living with a potentially terminal diagnoses. This is very important because we must first clearly understand the relationship between spirit- uality and quality of life.

Once this is done, we as health care providers can then intervene if we are to help our patients who are living with a terminal diagnoses.

C. Research Questions The research questions within the study were inferred through the Purpose and findings of the study. Therefore, understanding the purpose Of the study and implementing the findings into nursing research allows The reader to understand the role of the research.

D. Significance of Topic This portion of the study was clearly seen as vital information to nur- sing research in which spirituality was seen as an important facet of health for the human being. Through careful analysis, the author realized that when spirituality is omitted from nursing care, one can't possibly treat the whole being.

E. Identification of Assumptions The assumptions of this study were also stated. Reading through the article several times allow me to infer that the...