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Humans are the most gifted species in the creation. One of the main reasons for this being that it has a special element called intelligence but mostly, it‟s seen to have been distorted by the same species. We keep

on questioning about a million things in a day and one of the most viral things we debate about is the role of God and as to whether there is anything like that or not. But is it really so easy to simply debate about God and come to a conclusion or does it need any divine intervention?? Well, to understand this, we got to ask ourselves one very elementary query - who are we? Who are we! What a nonsensical thing to ask. We are humans the highly advanced species of life, evolved through a certain chain of evolutionary existence. Ok! But are we really just this "human" or something else? Think over it! Also, what we are calling an "evolutionary chain", does it really have a sense at all. Look, the theory says that humans have evolved

through a certain phase of existence and that we have emerged from the apes, right? Now, my basic query is Mr Darwin that if we have really evolved from apes then, how come they continue to exist till date? Simple thing to understand, if something evolves from something then the former thing ceases to exist, then how come the apes from which we have evolved still exist? I mean, scientifically, it‟s said that the creation is around 1million years old and in this long history of creation, we, humans, have continued to exist for quite a long time, then it means that the so-called "forefathers -apes" are more than million years old? Another point, if it‟s true then explains to us one...