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Splash, Splash, Splash; that is the sound of my friends and I splashing water on each other at the nearby lake. To get to it you have to cut across Marsh Fields then and pretty soon you stop seeing streets and only trees are there, growing out of the mucky ground. You stop seeing people too, especially in the summer on account of the bugs. Then my friend Lizzy yells "I am going to try to swim to the bottom of the lake." I said that was a stupid idea. She did it anyway; she is too stubborn to listen. When she returned she yelled "Jasmine, Jasmine come see this pretty cool fish I saw!" Then cried out Maria and said "You should do your project about this very spot!" Then Latisha said "That's a great idea!" Mrs. Jefferson would love it.

The problem was the next day at school when I went to go tell Mrs.

Jefferson about it. She said it has to be about things in my social studies book I tried to convince her to let me use my idea. Now I knew it was up to me to try to get my teacher to change her mind about the project. After school that day I returned to lake again with my friends. We tried all thought of ways to try to convince Mrs. Jefferson. Like Lizzy she said " Cry till she feels bad and will let you do the project about this place." Lizzy had said "Try writing her a note begging her to allow you to do it about here. The Maria came up with an almost perfect idea take pictures of the place and show them to Mrs. Jefferson."

Then it hit me. I should ask her to come here...