Split Cherry Tree

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In the story the Split Cherry Tree Luster Sexton had strong beliefs and values. Throughout the story some of those beliefs changed while others remained the same. Luster thought that taking children on field trips was not a good way to teach them, but after some consideration he realized that was not true. His beliefs that a debt should always be paid did not change.

Luster Sexton was upset that his son was not home in time to do his chores. Dave was held after class for destroying a cherry tree on a field trip. The children had to collect insects, lizards, and plants for a biology project. Luster felt that a field trip was not a good way to teach students. It would give the children an opportunity to cause mischief. As he put "I don't like no sicha foolish way o' larnin myself!" Luster decided to go to school with his son the next day to discuss his thoughts with hos son"s teacher.

The professor had Luster spend the day with him and let him see what they were learning. Through out the day Luster learned a few facts himself. He realized that schools had changed from his day and time.

One of Luster's values that will never change is that a debt must always be paid. Luster's son owed four hours of work to help pay for the cherry tree. After spending a day with Luster, Professor Herbert decided to let the debt go but Luster would not allow it. His response to the professor was " We don't do things like that, we don't want somethin fer nothin'." His family belief was greater than the benefiting offer.

I have always though of some of the greatest sports figures as heros, but after the events of September 11, 2001 all that has changed. Terrorists crashed airplanes into the World Trade Centers and firefighters risked their lives to save people in the buildings. I learned that the game winning shot or pass was nothing compared to a person putting their life in danger for another. Athletes can still be heroes, but for their actions in life, not on the field.

A value that I have that will never change is never stealing. I would never take something away from someone, because I understand people work for what they have. I have had property stolen from me and would not want to place that violated feeling on someone else. In my opinion stealing is one of the most selfish things someone could ever do.

As Luster found, some beliefs are subject to change while others will always remain the same. The more we learn the more our ideas are likely to change. Even though you may feel confident a belief of yours will never change, we will always have surprises in life.