Spoon River

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In Spoon River Anthology there are many interesting characters, but I found one character really interesting and that is Henry Phipps. From reading about him I could gather that he didn?t really stand up for himself and he regretted it later on in his life. It seems that as he looked back on his life, he hated what he had become and when he realized that he needed to change and couldn?t because he was about to die. I think that took him over the edge. Henry Phipps had a kind of hopeless outlook on life and it shows by how he described his life.

Henry Phipps was the Sunday school superintendent, the president of the wagon works and the president of the canning factory. He spent his weekdays making money and his Sundays at church in prayer. He just let life pass him by and he never paid any attention to the life around him.

One day the bank collapsed and he became broke and that is when he started to realize that the good shall be in heaven one day with God and the evil shall die before they reach their full potential in life. After his realization he decided to change, but Dr. Meyers discovered that he had liver cancer and soon after that he died. He never had a chance to turn his life around and that is really sad.

Henry Phipps uses a couple of different metaphors to explain his life in Spoon River. One metaphor that he uses is a cog and a wheel. He describes his daily routine as being one cog in a wheel, which stands for his life. One day the cog broke down and that meant that the wheel also broke down. Another metaphor he uses is that of...