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Amy Priman P.E Term 2, 2014

(First slide) I'm sure you all know that in today's society volleyball is a fast-paced and energetic sport, but did you know that originally the game was created as a suitable alternative to basketball for older people? Figueroa's framework is a five level structure which investigates the ways that inequities encounter specific sports and physical activity as a whole (Weebly, 2014). The framework is assembled over five different levels: interpersonal, structural, cultural, institutional and individual which all investigate the concerns surrounding the access, equity and equality of sports and physical activity (Weebly, 2014)(change slide).You can see a rundown of the framework here (point to screen) More specifically, the structural level of Figueroa's framework investigates the inequities within society and how the power of the media and the government effect the participation and access within different sports (Weebly, 2014). A sport such as volleyball in Australia is not often marketed or heavily funded due to many different factors.

These factors not only influence a player's involvement in the sport, but also their access to the sport. Factors associated within the structural level of Figueroa's framework heavily influence not only my participation and access to volleyball, but also my peer's involvement in the game. Throughout this multi-model presentation, I will discuss and investigate how the structural level of Figueroa's framework has affected the participation of volleyball within the community of Ipswich. More specifically, the current marketing strategies and distribution of funds volleyball in Ipswich is given and how they have affected the success of promoting physical activity. I will also make recommendations to initiate change to enhance mine and my peers' opportunity to participate in volleyball. (Change slide)

Currently the sport of volleyball is played in over 60 countries, with Australia being one of them. On...