Sport-Trax Case Study:SWOT analysis, DMU relationships analysis, marketing strategies and recommatation for the Sport-Trax

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Sport-Trax Case Study

SWOT Analysis of Sport-trax


1. Sport-trax is concentrated on the installation of running track, which means they are the expert of it, and they share the market with other two companies, which means they are the market leader. Those two company positions add the good will of Sport-trax, which means they are easily to gain the customer's confidence and trust to them.

2. Sport-trax has its new product branded as Sport-trax W S, the life expectancy of track was increased from ten to over twelve years and it's trouble free in the maintenance period. It will not only satisfy the recreational user, but also the international sprinter.

3. The product of Sport-trax consistently meet and beat the tolerance and standard of AAA and IAAF.

4. Their customer list includes most prestigious ones, which means the potential customers have sufficient objects to inquire about the information of the company, thus will bring about the easier customer trust.


1. Sport-trax's competition were less convinced about the technology improvement and they counter-claimed that the benefits were yet unproven, hinting during sales calls that the new track was something or a risk as the surface had not actually been tested in real conditions.

2. Since Sport-trax is only concentrated on running track, which is the main profit gained field. They may have the restriction on the benefit margin, which means they are hard to compete with others in the very low price strategy.


1. Loughborough University pursues good fame in sports, they want a "good" track, which means they are after good quality, and the quality is what sport-trax can provide with the customer.

2. Loughborough University is a leader in sports, they are differentiating itself of the other university by excellent fame and facilities in sport. We...