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A nine-day manhunt for four Texas jail escapees ended Wednesday when police arrested one pair and surrounded the other at a Lake Murray, Okla., convenience store.

Convicted killers Curtis Allen Gambill, 24, and Joshua Luke Bagwell, 23, both of Oklahoma, were holding an elderly store clerk hostage early this morning at the store on U.S. Highway 70 south of Ardmore, law-enforcement officials said. The Total store was surrounded by hundreds of law enforcement officers who converged at the site as news of the standoff spread. FBI negotiators and a SWAT team were in control of the area. "They do have weapons," said Oklahoma FBI spokesman Gary Johnson. "We are negotiating with them at this time. Nobody's hurt." Already in custody at a nearby jail late Wednesday were Charles William Jordan, 30, and Chrystal Gale Soto, 22, who escaped with the others from the Montague County Jail on Jan. 28. At the time of their escape, they were being held in the slaying of an elderly Montague County couple.

Kym Koch, a spokeswoman for the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, said police arrested Mr. Jordan and Ms. Soto about 9:50 p.m. Wednesday at the store. Mr. Jordan was using a pay phone outside the store when a federal agent and a Carter County sheriff's deputy recognized him while checking out a routine lead, Mr. Johnson said. "They had in fact stumbled upon the escapees," he said.