Sports in America

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America and Sports; Together they stay

Sports in America is significant in the way Americans go about their lives by providing entertainment, appealing to their needs, and testing their commitment. Sports were first designed only for entertainment values, but today, many people revolve their lives around sports and some do not know it. Sports can be fun and yet it could be dangerous, but most importantly, sports can leave a big impact on someone's life and that could be seen in the future. Sports is great example of American popular culture because it introduces recreation with families, bonds the community, and have athletes that make great role models.

One of the qualities in American sports is its recreational value, which influences thousands of people nationally and locally. The images families see growing up are fed by the media or friends that encourage them to participate in outdoors sporting activities or watch others play.

This recreational value isn't enforced for every American family, but the people we see fill up an entire stadium who have reason to be there. One could become a very dedicated fan in the process, or just remain a casual fan because it ís just something fun to do.

One sport that is a good example of family recreation is baseball. Baseball has traditionally been America's past-time sport that attracts many type of fans. Since baseball is a more affordable event to attend, more people bring their spouse and kids along to enjoy a regular day at the ballpark. I noticed a lively feeling in the atmosphere when I visited Pac Bell Park in San Francisco to watch the Giants play last year. I saw people of all ages and colors packed together just to relax and be entertained by the action on the field. Sometimes people...