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Julio C. Sanchez

Mr. Molina

English 1301


Sports in general are the one thing that is watched more than anything else in television. Not only do people sit at home but also they go and support the team at the games. The better a player is the more his jersey sells worldwide. Athletes aren't really just athletes but also heroes for the kids and for the home town of their team. When a athlete is really good he or she can make a big difference in the sport industry with thoughts or just the way of playing the sport it self. The better the player the more he/she gets paid and more sponsors want to be with the athlete to promote their things with a person who thousands, maybe millions want. Commercials pay a lot of money just adding up to the millions of the players salary.

When it comes down to "should athlete get paid millions?".

I believe they should even if all they do is play a sport while police officers, navy seals, firefighters, etc. risk their life's everyday and get paid a fraction of what athletes do. Sports are the biggest entertainment worldwide and make millions of dollars because, well, the people love it. It's a business like any other else with workers (the athletes) busting heads game after game. Every sport has the all time legend like Michael Jordan in the NBA or Pele for FIFA and I can guarantee many players wouldn't get paid even half of what this guys did. It's all about how good you play it and how many fans you have. To keep on buying your gear and supporting you every time you step in the game. If you're really good you even get to represent your country in the...