How Sports-Bars Economically adapted twards Success (article review)

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Article Review 1

Title: Sports bars still scoring

Author: Paul Owers

The main worry was the passing of Amendment 6 that meant that one would no longer be allowed to smoke in bars if they got more then 10 percent of their income from sale of food. This had many sports bar owners worried that this would negatively impact sports bars and decrease the amount of customers that they would get. The advent of satellite television is also a worry for sports bars. The sports bar owners found ways to counteract these odds and have so kept their business and/or improved it. The smoking ban introduced by Amendment 6, has affected some negatively, though they found other ways to prevent the loss of customers and even added more. What they found was that humans are social animals and even if they have well set TV habits does not mean that they would rather stay at home and watch instead.

They found that a sports bar offers many conveniences and the atmosphere is what attracts people. The atmosphere can often feel like being at the game itself with hundred or more of one's comrades cheering and for a play that went well. It is also where one can watch more then one game at once, and if one needs to smoke there are areas in a lot of places. Many found that not being able to smoke was as such a great loss versus sitting at home alone and losing many of the amenities found at home. This also created opportunities for people who do not like smoke to be able to come watch the games and breathe freely, and also many of the customers to bring their families.

The article in all is written quite...