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Ice Hockey, and Basketball are intriguing games played on ice and, and hardwood games in the history of sports.

Basketball is a great game played with passion and drive. Being created in the early 18th century, basketball is played with two teams consisting of five players each, on a maple hard wood floor riddled with white and red paint to distinguish the common from the elite athletes. Each basketball team has 10 to 15 players; each of the players wear matching knitted jerseys and shorts. To distinguish each team from others, the sports clubs label and name their squad, sometimes giving them different color jerseys from the other teams. The game is played with five of the ten to fifteen players on the court. Watching the game unfold upon his eyes, the referee in some sense an impartial judge dictates and controls the game keeping it fair. This games is intense, fundamental, and requires great skill and talent.

Ice Hockey is a invigorating game I love to watch. Originally called Field Hockey, the game has evolved. It has went from a game played with two teams consisting of 10 to 12 players on grass, to being played on ice. Only being allowed 6 players, each team align in resemblance to the formation that soccer players take on the field. The game has four, twenty minute segments, and is governed by two referees. Ice Hockey is played with tenacity, aggressiveness, and passion.

Wearing a knitted jersey and matching shorts five men travel down the opposite side of the court. While one person dribbles a ball; all five men have a common goal, to score in the other teams net. In and out the ball goes, being passed by each player until finally there is an opening to a ten foot...