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"Vincent Kennedy McMahon, the third generation of a wrestling promotion dynasty, is a man of many dubious distinctions. For instance, he is the only chairman of the Board of Directors of a publicly traded company whose employees are routinely required to literally kiss his bare ass on national television. Not even Larry Flynt can make that claim!"

"McMahon has had more startling triumphs and humiliating defeats in his lifetime than Meatloaf, John Travolta and Bill Clinton all rolled into one. And he's only 58, which means there's time to have a lot more before he's through (not counting years deducted from his lifespan for an ambiguous volume of steroid use and whatever unmeasured-by-science statistical deviation is caused by repeatedly being struck in the head with steel chairs)", explained Linda McMahon.

Vincent McMahon's father, Vincent McMahon Sr., ran the World Wide Wrestling Federation, known as the WWWF (which later dropped the Wide), during the dawn of professional wrestling's television age.

In addition to being a savvy promoter with a wide-ranging East Coast territory, the luck of the draw positioned McMahon in one of the first regions to install a cable television network infrastructure, an advantage that would prove decisive in the years to come. The senior McMahon wouldn't live to see how cable would transform his business, which is probably just as well. In 1982, he sold the promotion to his son, Vincent Kennedy McMahon, and then he died two years later.

Vincent McMahon was the wrestling promoter to end all wrestling promoters -- literally. With little direct experience in his father's business and even less cash on hand, McMahon had a vision for what wrestling could be. That vision had everything to do with television. McMahon was the first promoter to see the real potential in nationally...