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Essay by Anderson213 November 2014

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Braxton Perry

October 1, 2014

MWF 9:00

Do you believe that Roman Sports are similar to current sports in the U.S? Explain Why or Why not.

I do believe that the Gladiator games of Ancient Rome have many of the same characteristics of modern sports; many people would never think. Violence is the key factor that link the two together. Today thousands of people will fill MGM Grand for a boxing or UFC fight to get a thrill that comes from violence. This correlates with how Roman historians filled the Coliseum to witness a brutal bloody gladiator match. This connection leads one to think that modern sports are similar to U.S sports and lifestyle.

Thousands of sports played all throughout the U.S some more popular than other because of the way society has impacted. Roman sports have been tied with U.S sports for many of years, many may say American's adopted Roman sports.

Violence is always the topic when comparing U.S and Roman sports because of the many different theories. Violence and blood sports seem to be a universal legacy from the long prehistory of man as a hunter and killer that all societies retain in some ritualized form. Some may go as far as saying all social order is ultimately based on violence. To reinforce the social order violence must be performed or proclaimed in public, and public violence tends to become ritualized into games, and sports and ways of death.

When talking about sports between the U.S and Rome boxing is a common talked about sport, when regarding similarities in current times as well as the Roman time period. The concept of the game is in the background of every variation played. The thrill and joy of a knockout is every fans hoops when they fill the arena.