Sports Marketing

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Sports Marketing

Sports Marketing

Sports marketing is one of the fastest growing areas of marketing communication. It provides a different type of vehicle for communicating with consumers that does not necessarily follow all of the rules of other types of marketing communication. Sport has (1) unique combinations of characteristics that (2) lead to unique patterns of psychological responses that therefore (3) demand out of the ordinary attention to a variety of marketing tactics. Consider the unique characteristics of sports. None of these characteristics exists only in sports, but the combination of all of the phenomena in one place give sports a special situation in society. Sports provide real-time drama, often connected to a place or institution, which emphasizes strategy and skill, beauty and talent, competition and teamwork, winners and losers. Most sports appeal to the most basic human understanding, making sports a popular subject for media coverage and fundamental social interaction.

Special consumption communities arise surrounding sport. Because of these unique aspects of sports, as well as because of other aspects, several psychological characteristics are connected with sport marketing. Examples include basking in reflected glory, consumption communities, fanaticism, special target markets, identification, heroism, patriotism, eroticism, fear, bonding, symbolism, values, child rearing, and risk taking. The marketer therefore approaches sports marketing differently than other types of marketing. Sponsorship is the giant in the arena, but do not overlook unique approaches to segmentation, licensing, ambush marketing, hospitality, and atmospherics. Media function differently in sport.


Strategic Focus

A. Mission Statement

The vision for the Manchester United Football Club is to better the game program through fundraisers and attracting new players. The Club is also a way for parents, players, faculty, alumni, and other donors of the team to get involved.

B. Objectives

Short Term

Raise enough...