Sports Nutrition and Supplements

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In today's sports world, to be the best athlete one not only needs the skills and heart to play the game, he or she need to have a body that can keep up, a body that can be pushed to the test like a well-oiled machine. Just like a machine; however, the body needs to be supplied with the right items and at the right times to perform at its best. Eating at the right times and eating the right types of food is important and all depends on the type of sporting event one about to take part in. This is also true for a healthy everyday lifestyle and can help performance not only in sporting events and competitions but at work as well.

However, what happens when one does not have time to eat and relies on dietary supplement pills? Is there an unfair advantage gained by athletes who use dietary supplements to gain all the vitamins, minerals and energy found when eating properly? Many options are available and important steps to take to compete at a high level the most important factor is supplying one's body the vitamins, minerals and energy needed to help boost his or her performance and help promote a healthy lifestyle in sports and in life.

Pros of Sports NutritionThe key to a healthy lifestyle is a healthy diet and routine exercise. A diet becomes a lifestyle and is taken out of proportion when describing a fad diet that for example involves only eating grapefruit. A healthy diet involves eating roughly every three hours. This allows amino acids to constantly stay in the body and prevents the body from using its own muscle mass due to lack of nutrition (Clark, 2008). Not eating right can lead to health related problems such as obesity,