Sports are a reflection of culture and values.

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One could say that they are a reflection on how society uses and views the body. In a school setting, sports have been used for health, education, recreation, and for the military.

In the pre-historic time, there was not as much laying around, as humans actively hunted for their food. Competition came naturally to people and sports began to evolve. Ritual religious dances were common, and boys often entered ?manhood? after a series of physical tests.

In ancient times, for example in Egypt, the main education goals of the common person was to be able to read and write. It was only the upperclass that participated in sports, although this changed quickly. In China, there was also not much emphasis on sport. During the Golden Age of China?s Education they began to educate both the mind and the body, however most of their ?sports? derived through military training.

The Greeks were the first to have a formal physical education program. They believed in keeping women physically fit till they had children, and educating the body and the mind. Much of their sports were also derived from military training, for example; gymnastics, running, leaping, swimming, fighting, wrestling, boxing, and hunting. In Rome, sports were also military based. Fathers trained their sons to be physically fit and to strive for the ?perfect Gladiators body.? In the middle ages they trained the body to be prepared for battle. In England sports and games were always popular and there were often competitions between schools. Sports included wrestling, bowling, and other ball games.....(lecture not finished)