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Sports In Schools, There are a number of different sports played in schools today. Such as soccer,baseball,basketball,cheerleading,fottball,tennis,track,cross country,lacross,and many others in different school around the world. Some people play all and some play one its not a really big deal but when it comes to fareness some fell it is. are people who play different sports treated differently? of course is the answer lots of high school children think. football is for the "big tough guys" and so on. all sports have things said about them similar to each other. but, is that right? some think its normal while others have a different idea. many kids beleive that people who play sports should be treated fairly. no matter the popularity of it. people love football while on the other hand how many people want to come watch a tennis meet or any other sport not held in high regard in a certain school.

the big thing is should they be treated equaly and "will" they be treated equaly in the future. only time will teel but if you have strong belifes in such things then there are lots of things you could do. sign a potion or talk to coaches and principals. should everyone share a locker room or should each sport have its own and what if one is better than the other. its your school the student body should have a say in these kinds of things without them there would be no teams.