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Sports StudyFor my sports study I have chosen to debate whether a television match official should be used to determine whether a goal has been scored in cases where it is difficult to tell. The T.M.O. is used in other sports, probably the most common example being rugby. It is used to great effect in rugby as it is often difficult to tell whether the ball has been grounded or not. Some people think that the T.M.O. should be introduced into football to determine whether the ball has crossed the line or not or whether a player is onside or not. Others think that wrong decisions are just part of the game and that introducing T.M.O. would just low the game down and effectively, ruin it. For the sake of this argument I will also look at other alternatives to the T.M.O. which could help referees make the right decisions without slowing down the game.

Rugby actually originates from football itself. Rugby was founded in 1823, when a boy called William Webb Ellis, who was 16 years old at the time, caught the ball and ran with it towards the opponent’s goal line during a game of football it his school. The school was called “rugby” so they decided to create a game by which you were allowed to use your hands to pass the ball and they named it rugby football after the school. The first international match was played in 1871, between Scotland and England with 20 players on either side. Eventually both sports grew further and further apart and formed completely different names for themselves, different leagues, different players and arguably different classes. A very stereotypical view has been formed on rugby; that it is for upper class people and that middle and working class people...