How sports teams utilize the internet for marketing/advertising.

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The Baltimore Blast website ( provides a platform for the team to sell their product. In this case, soccer is the product and the fan base is the consumer. The website is an online advertising method to promote The Baltimore Blast soccer team and the Major Indoor Soccer League (MISL). The website enables fans to interact instantly with up to date information about MISL. Fans enjoy the convenience of shopping for tickets, schedule of games, available merchandise and events and promotions from their desktop.

The website also enables fans to purchase their products from the internet. The website provides a private and secure method of payment and it hides account information from other vendors. With the website operating 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week fans can find great tickets to the game without the frustration of waiting in line or calling on the phone.

All fans have access to in depth information about each team player.

The roster gives each individual player a profile providing the players personal information, career highlights, stats and picture. In addition, the website enables the fan to directly e-mail all Baltimore Blast players.

If anyone wished to celebrate his or her birthday with the Baltimore Blast Team, you can do so by accessing the website. The website provides detail information on the cost of the birthday party what the birthday person receives and what the birthday package includes. Moreover, it gives you the address to where you would make the check payable.

The website promotes marketing cooperation between competing teams. If you are interested in other MISL teams, the website offers a hyperlink to their official site.

The content of the Baltimore Blast website is great. The website is useful and promotes the team.