The Spread of Personal Technology and their effects

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The growth of technology has shaped American society in numerous ways. Many people may deny the truth that technology has had a great influence on the way people live today, but the facts are still evident. If one takes a look at private homes today, it becomes apparent that the situation is clear due to the amount of homes that do not have a computer, television, or VCR, which is minimal. Many breakthroughs in technology promise a simple life for people; in reality very few technological advances have produced an easier life. Personal technology is now available to a wider range of people, and advances such as televisions in cars, the Internet, and cell phones, have been both beneficial and damaging to the American people.

Ever-growing trends in America today are the built in televisions and DVD players in automobiles. "Video systems in today's minivans and sport utility vehicles help to keep the peace in millions of back seats" (Berger).

The idea of having a television system installed in cars occurred because it became apparent that people have become extremely impatient and never want to miss out on an opportunity to be entertained. It was also developed to help families who constantly travel long distances; parents can now play a movie and draw the child's attention toward the film. By doing this, the parents are reducing the chances of the child being very bored, to the point where they become a distraction. Televisions in cars can also be hazardous to families. Taking a road trip is the perfect opportunity for a family to discuss events in their lives and bond. With a visual entertainment system in the car, families are less likely to communicate with one another and thus keep to themselves, which can become unhealthy in the future.