Spring and Fall VS. Summer and winter

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Most people say they like the summer and winter; me on the other hand, I prefer the spring and autumn seasons in California.

The summer gets too hot here, (although it gets hotter in other areas), allergies rise; work gets tiring, and business gets slow. The good thing about summer is that school is out, vacation time is at hand and there is a lot of relaxing time. The winter on the other hand is too cold, (although it doesn't snow here) people are more susceptible to diseases, outside dogs freeze, it gets too cold to do work, and there are runny noses in every room, but at least all the good holidays are in winter, and the best part of winter is you can cuddle up with your loved ones. That is why there is the autumn and spring; the climate then fluctuates up and down plants are in bloom in the spring and they become harvested in the autumn; one can also decide whether or not to wear a jacket /sweater.

Spring and fall are very distinct from summer and winter although they all have there ups and downs all seasons are unique, in some way.