"Spy Kids"

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There was a family who lived on the top of a rocky hill and next to the hill there was seashore. The family was no ordinary family because they were international spies! They worked for the OSS and would go on secret missions. To stop the evil from controlling the world! There names...the Cortezs-Gegorio, Ingre, Junie and Carmen!

One, dark, foggy, night they were all in there own rooms, searching for enemies on there state-of-the-art technology. Suddenly! An alarm raided and they all rushed towards their living room." What happened!" they all shouted. A screen popped open in front of them and a man called Sherlock (the boss of the ZI3) said,

"Good afternoon this is Sherlock, I have got a new assignment for you," "There is a mad game master who is developing new games, which hypnotises the player" "You have to stop him from creating the games immediately."

"Soon every child will be under his control! "

The screen disappeared and Gegorio said, "Ok here's the plan, we first have to track him and then we can find and stop him," "Children you have to destroy all his new games, me and Ingrid will stop him and give him to the police, everybody clear? "

"Yes!" they all replied.

They all got their equipment and gadgets and were ready to go. In their garage they had a super-sonic, customised Aston Martin! They all sat in the car and drove off to the location of the mad gamer.

As they were nearing to his location, they saw that some children have already been hypnotised! They were walking as if they were zombies!!! Carmen and Junie got off at the biggest gaming café ever in their city it was called "Game Master Café" As they went in they noticed that all the children had been hypnotised.

"You got your multi-coloured paint" said Carmen.

"Yes, I got it" "Fire!"

They fired the paint at all the children and suddenly the children sprang up as if they were trying to touch the sky.