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Hugh McCauley, COO of Riordan Manufacturing, has requested to create a single integrated application from combining their existing variety of tools. Riodran can see and wants to take advantage of more advanced and sophisticated information systems technology existing in the current human resources department.

The proposal of this document will explain how the use of the techniques for information gathering and systems analysis tools can benefit Riodran. Also the document will identify the key factors that help ensure the information required for the project is gathered successfully by outlining the business requirements that is part of the development of an HR system to help maintain the objective of the request. The proposed plan will provide a list of all required resources, staffing, and a financial plan and schedule that will be needed to complete the project.

Information-gathering techniques and systems analysis tools

To ensure the project performs efficiently, it becomes important to gather information from all types of sources when developing a plan.

To start, a meeting will be required to begin the information-gathering process by gathering key management personnel, it staff, and any project users and help discuss the task ahead. Through out the discussion, questions will be asked and answered while inviting other side comments, concerns, and ideas. In hopes of an open forum, which will last through the duration of the proposed project, this will enable to better comprehend the needs of the corporation and improve superiority of the employees. Another method that will be used to gather information for the project is the conduction of interviews. By interviewing selected individuals, the project will be able to gain a clear grasp of what works best for the company currently and what can be done to improve the functions of the company's human resources department. When the information...