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The Beautiful and Damned and the House of Mirth (2000), with your first read or watch; seem to portray an almost identical society were the topics of women, vocation and social status are the focus of both the novel and film. As the critic stated ''While the Beautiful and Damned and The House of Mirth (2000) represent similar ideas they respond to and reflect significant issues of their own times.'' Both novel and text showed the change in society from different Eras and Ages. The themes that are prominent and evident but yet, so different in both text and novel; that will be compared are the changing values and perspectives on women and vocation and lastly social status. The House of Mirth is based on 1905 novel by Edith Wharton about Lily Bart. In 1905 New York City, A beautiful socialite Lily Bart is living the fortunate life of comfort, luxury and a high social status; which has lead her to be equipped for no trade except matrimony.

The film is about Lily's desire for luxurious living but is torn when offered a genuine relationship based on mutual respect and love. But you watch as she painfully sabotages all her possibilities at a wealthy marriage, falls out of her high ranked social status and dies alone, poor and young. The Beautiful and Damned by F.scott Fitzgerald, published in 1922 is a complex novel about vain, self-obsessed protagonist Anthony Patch and his ride towards self-destruction. The novel follows Anthony was has always known he was the presumptive heir to his wealthy grandfathers fortune (which he doesn't receive), his relationship with his dazzling and eye-catching wife Gloria Gilbert and their marriage that was fuelled by alcohol and consumed by greed and Anthony's spiral towards his doomed and not so extravagant future. Both...