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SSX 3 is the greatest snowboarding game of all time. This game provides some pretty intense graphics and some real sick tricks. This doesn't even compare to the other SSX game, this game is better than ever.

In peak 1 you can feel the wind in your hair as your getting big air, and the snow in your face when you beef it. One of the unique courses at this peak is the city. Whats wierd is, why is there all that snow in the middle of the city? Who cares? It's a game! Ask questions later and play now! But this is one of my favorite peaks.

In peak 2, you'll find out that things get tougher in the game. This peak is nothing like peak 1. Here, there are more rocks and jumps and giant holes in the ground you can fall right into. This is not an easy peak.

Last but not least, Peak 3. I'll just be short, sweet, and to the point. It's hard. You won't beat it right away. But it's probably the most fun peak out of the 3.

The multiplayer is tons of fun because you can play on all the courses in the main game! It's a lot of fun especially when you have all your friends over playing it.

Well thats it! Thats my review! I hope you enjoyed it and that you'll enjoy the game! But for those who read this review and doesn't have the game, go get it. Thats right, go right now and get it at your local videogame store. Enjoy and remember, get BIG AIR!!!