St. Brigid of Ireland. I page essay with a few brief details on St. Brigid. We needed to write a one page paper on a saint with basic details.

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St. Brigid of Ireland

Brigid lived while the Irish religion was forming the institution

of Christianity. The name Brigid was the name of the Celtic sun


It is believed that Brigid was born into slavery and was

converted to Christianity by St. Patrick sometime during her

childhood. She was freed when she showed it was impossible to

stop her from giving alms.

Brigid's only desire was "to satisfy the poor, to expel every

hardship, to spare every miserable man." A lot of her miracles show

a maternal character showing her propensity to nourish.

Brigid became a nun and the abbess of Kildare, a double

monastery, consistiong of both men and women. Due to her fame as

a spiritutal teacher, The Abbey of Kildare became a spiritual center

for pilgrims.

Brigid induced a bishop to join her community and to share her

leadership. According to legend, though the Church resisted, the

bishop ordained Brigid as a bishop.

Whether the historical facts are true or not, the tale tells a lot

of Brigid's status in the Irish conscience, and perhaps the effort to

rectify the exclusion of such an extraordinary woman from the ranks

of apostolic authority.


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