St Francis of Assisi

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The Facts:

St Francis of Assisi was born in 1181 at Assisi, Umbria, in Italy.

St Francis of Assisi died on the 4 October 1226 at Portiuncula, Italy

Pope Gregory IX canonized St Francis of Assisi on the 16 July 1228. He was canonized because he devoted his life to solitude, prayer, helping the poor, and raising money to rebuild run-down buildings of the churches


The reason for Sainthood is that Pope Gregory IX and many other people thought and still think that he has made a great positive impact to today's Catholic society.

St Francis of Assisi' personal qualities were simplicity of life, non-violence, humbleness and love of the creation. He is a good role model for our current materialistic status.

A challenge St Francis of Assisi faced was to show a society that there is more to life than power and wealth, in doing so he also taught not to be judgmental or raise your voice in blame - this was extremely challenging for Francis as he came from a wealthy family to live a life that was lived in poverty, humility and service to others.

St Francis of Assisi would challenge himself to teach the youth of these days not to be materialistic, malicious and self - centered as this is a problem that is affecting many people in today's younger society. If this weren't a problem in our society St Francis of Assisi would concentrate and challenge himself try and improve other problems of the youth in the 20th century. St Francis of Assisi was striving to make the world a better place, which it has become with his help.