St. Francis essay

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St. Francis Essay

St. Francis was Franciscan who was very close to god and loved to spread god's word to anybody that will listen. He also lived in poverty to which means he couldn't have any silver or gold. If he did have any extra money he would have to give it to people in need of it. Francis also had brothers to help to help him get the word of god out to help the people to live better lives.

Francis had great equalities like humble for one. He was very humble because when he received the stigmata from God & everybody saw him as something very special. He did not see himself as that he just saw himself as somebody living out Gods word for the people. Another one of Francis great equalities is that he is very caring he cares about anybody & everything he will do anything he can to help somebody for example when he went to war.

He gave a poor man his armor & protection because the man needed it more than he did.

Francis was a very religious person that's another good equality that he has. You can call Francis a fool for good because he would do anything that god ask him to do for example when God told Francis to "rebuild his house'. Francis did exactly that he even stole from his dad to do what god had asked him to do it. Francis was also very respectful of others he understood that everybody could not live the life of poverty so he called the people who didn't live that life secular Franciscans. They could live Franciscans values without joining the order. Francis was also compassionate because he let women join the Franciscans way. He let...