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Opportunities waiting;

a career in writing-

Staff Writers

The history of writing is as long as the history of civilization itself yet

writing is only little more than 5,000 years old it is spoken of as man's

greatest invention. Writing was developed by many men over time and was

indeed a basic step in the advance towards civilization going into the next

millennium. - The definition of writing is the profession or occupation of a writer. -

Reporters may also follow up on tips or read documents related to

their story. In small businesses reporters may perform additional

duties such as editing. Editors coordinate, review select and edit

written materials for publication, broadcast or movie production. In

general, editors make their own policies or work with company owners

or staff to determine the content and viewpoint of the publication. -

There are two main kinds of writers, staff writers and freelance writers;

staff writers are professional writers who work for a salary.

Many staff

writers earn a living as newspaper reporters and columnists or as technical

writers for computer software firms. Freelance writers get paid only if a

publisher buys their work they write both fiction and nonfiction books short

stories, poems, and less commonly dramas, screenplays as well as magazine

and newspaper articles. (In this report I will focus on staff writers). Many

staff writers create freelance material in addition to their regular work. -

The average pay for journalists can be lower than other occupations

with similar educations and working requirements. -

Writers and editors held around 341,000 jobs in 1998 nearly one-third of

salaried writers and editors work for newspapers, magazines, and book

publishers. A large number of technical writers work for computer software

firms writing manuals and such.

A normal workweek usually runs 35 to...