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In the following paper I will prepare a staffing plan for the new café that I will be opening in Guayama, Puerto Rico. Included will be a projection of the number employees needed and areas of function they will be appointed, with brief job descriptions and responsibilities. Once the numbers of employees are chosen and the job descriptions are set I will develop strategies to recruit the best possible employee for the positions available.

The staffing plan I will prepare will begin with a forecasting. "Forecasting: are the attempts to determine the supply of and demand for various types of human resources to protect areas within the organization where there will be labor shortages or surpluses" (Andrew p 146). The forecasting will consist with an estimate of the number employees I will need to fulfill the demand for the services of the café;. In forecasting the demand or labor I have determined that I will need a total of sixteen employees, two fulltime workers and fourteen working on par time schedules.

The usage of part time employees helps reduce the cost of employee benefits and category labor laws. The café will work on two six hour shifts, four in the mourning until ten in the morning and ten till four in the afternoon. In both shifts there will be a total of nine workers.

The operations manager: this position will hold the authority, responsibility and day to day operations of the café. The OM will run the café and make decisions in order to have success in the café. All other employees will report too this manager. The OM will also be in charge of collecting employee work hours, shift changes, absentees, equipment problems and customer concerns.

The head cook: this position will be held by an experience,