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Staffing Plan PaperIn today's competitive marketplace, recruiting the right person for the right job is often more difficult than it would first seem. Human capital is indeed one of the largest assets an organization possesses and making sure that the organizational whole is greater than the sum of its parts, means finding the correct staffing levels to adequately meet the needs of a company and the public it serves. The University of Phoenix (UOP) ground campus in Tucson, Arizona, employs well over 300 people who serve nearly 2000 students in some capacity. As there are many aspects to properly staffing an organization, this paper will examine the strategies needed to recruit the appropriate people and place them in jobs best suited to their individual talents and strengths.

The text states that "from a staffing perspective, it is important to ensure that tests used to select employees are not unfairly biased against minority groups."

(Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart, & Wright, 2004). Employees also need flexible work schedules that help them meet not only their career objectives and responsibilities, but also their personal commitments as well. At the University of Phoenix, student support staffs are divided into teams referred to as "graduation teams". This helps the University meet the needs of students on an individual basis, as each employee works in a specific capacity to anticipate and address these needs. This will soon be changing however, as there is change coming the entire corporation - Ground, Online and Axia - in the form of service. Currently, Ground and Online students have different support mechanisms in place, with Ground and Online campuses respectively. The structure proposal entails all students find support at the local campus level regardless of modality. This change will obviously require additional student support staffing.

Each graduation team is comprised...