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AbstractFor this paper I have selected my current organization, (Central Office Operations) to develop a new staffing plan for that will improve the overall operations of the team. Several areas of improvement can be made with a realignment of the organization that I will try to define in this paper.

Staffing Plan PaperIn order to define the organization the first objective is to define the goals of the organization. This organizations responsibility is three fold. First they are responsible for the overall network monitoring. Second, they are responsible for managing change management that will enable stability, and continuity in the network. Lastly, they provide tier two support for the repair center. According figure 16.2 in our text, a high performance organization will have interesting jobs, satisfied workers, low absenteeism, and lower costs. All these attributes will result in low turnover, high quality, satisfied customers, higher sales, higher profits, innovation, knowledge sharing, and greater productivity.

(Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart, & Wright, 2004, chap. 16)To further define the organization the elements that the team will be responsible for maintaining must be defined. The network equipment that this team will manage is as follows. Five GENBAND VoIP switching systems, 15 Ciena CN1000 access nodes, eight Telco Systems Pure Packet Node (PPN) networks, 2 GENBAND M6 call application systems, two Alcatel Passive Optical Network (PON) networks, and an IP based backbone.

To maintain this network four specific teams need to be developed within Central Office Operations. The first team will be the Central Office Equipment Installations (COEI) team. The second team will be IP Operations. The third team will be Network Analysis, and the fourth team will be the Network Management Center. Page six of this paper contains an organizational chart to show the flow within the organization.

The COEI team is responsible for all...