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Sears Roebuck and Co. has recently undergone many changes in response to the ever changing trends in globalization, diversity. These trends maximize the effectiveness of these staffing practices and selection tools to better meet current and future employment needs. Staffing is a very important element to developing and maintaining a strong business.


Sears is in the process on capitalizing on global market strategies by taking advantage of today's cutting edge technology. "Global competition is forcing everybody to do whatever they can to hold costs down indefinitely, and with this, not only is it cheaper, but you can expand and contract your work force as you need to" (Pine Art, Jobs trimmed by temp labor).

Sears has utilized technology by providing all HR services, benefits, and payroll information under one system. This new HR system replaces many of the administrative functions traditionally performed by HR in the business, such as the traditional fill in the blank forms for HR administrative functions.

By efficiently managing globalization it improves the quality and strategies value of Human Resource activities. Implementing new e-business formats allows the corporation to operate more efficiently and reduce costs through continuous infrastructures improvements.

"There are 24.2 million part-timers in today's work force of 131.5 million people, up from 23 million when the expansion began in November 2001; the number of temporary workers rose 309,000 to 2.6 million" (Pine Art, Jobs trimmed by temp labor). An organizations staffing process is not simple; and there are dangers to both over and under staffing. Under staffing are worse, there are corrosive effects of under staffing on customer traffic and staff morale.


Change is difficult, if you accept that notion you will have a better understanding of how corporate America is dealing with diversity. At Sears I...