Stages of Love

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Three Dimensions of Love

According to Arthur Aron and Lori Westbay, there are three dimensions of love (Axia, pg. 27). The three dimension of love are made up of 68 prototypical features of love, but narrowed down into three categories: commitment, passion and intimacy.

Commitment is when an individual is devoted to the significant other. They dedicate theirselves to making their relationship as satisfying as possible. Commitment is usually meant for life. A committed relationship is when partners are typically attracted to each other, they may not be in love any longer but religion and obligations keep them committed in a relationship such as marriage. Some individuals feels it is a sin to break one's vows.

Passion is another dimension of love. This is a very powerful dimension. Passion is lust. It is when someone ache's to be with an individual. Passionate love is not always the same for the other person whom a person is passionately in love with.

If you are the person who is passionately in love with someone else, you may experience a your heart pounding and sweaty palms. You may feel nervous or anxious when around the person you are passionate about. Passionate love can cause a physiological arousal of emotions.

Intimacy is the third dimension of love I mentioned above. This is my favorite, as it is a romantic love. My husband and I have an intimate love relationship. We still experience the passionate love, even after 25 years of marriage, but the intimacy is the best part of our relationship. Intimacy is when you can open up and experience a different side of your partner. You are able to talk to them and listen. Sex does not have to be involved, but may come later. Intimacy to me is when my husband...