“Stairway To Heaven” Stairway to Heaven was written about getting

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"Stairway To Heaven" Stairway to Heaven was written about getting through live and getting through life's obstacles. It tells in particular of one woman's journey through life. She is convinced that all that matters in life are material things. This can be proved based on the line, "all that glitters is gold." She is trying to buy her way into Heaven.

She is careful when it comes to reading into things. She knows that words can have two different meanings. Everything that she thinks is uneasy. When she looks into the western sky, she gets a feeling that her soul is longing to be set free and get going up to heaven.

"Then the piper will lead us to reason." The piper that she is referring to is Christ leading her home, to Heaven in her case. She knows that through Christ that she will have never ending days for the rest of her live.

Hence the line, "A new day will dawn for those who stand long." For those who stand with Christ they will have life everlasting.

She, like everyone else, has the choice between two roads in life. She can choose the easy road, or the one that is less traveled. She knows that if she starts out her life on one of the roads, that there will always be time throughout her life to change the path that she has chosen to take.

Her head is humming because she is being called by Christ so He will not let her go. He (the piper {Christ}) is calling her to join Him. She is being called by the whispering of the wind.

As she walks down the road, she shines her light so that everyone can see that she is trying to be on the path to Heaven. She is still convinced that everything is still material, "How everything still turns to gold." The song of Christ will come to you when you realize that we are all one.

But she is still trying to buy her way into Heaven.