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Contemporary trends in social service delivery systems require human service agencies to engage in greater levels of advocacy to reform structures and protect programs that serve vulnerable populations (Avner, 2002). The 'issue, goal and objective form the foundation of an advocacy campaign' (School of Health and Human Services, 2007) and provides the framework within which group members will design their advocacy activities.

The Stakeholders in the Fair Housing Apartments include Fair Housing Advocacy Group,( FHAG) tenants, Local Department Office of Fair Housing Apartments and the Washington, DC Department of Housing. The tenants of Fair Housing Apartment have so far had a good relationship with their local Department of Housing office and they are little concerned about the possible repercussion of their actions. The Local Department Office of Fair Housing on the hand seeks a rapid solution to the problem of car coverage and installation of carport, which is cost effective as possible.

However, the Local Department office must balance the needs of tenants' compensation for the undesired daily result of bird and fruit bat droppings which is destroying paint work on tenants' cars and the Washington, DC Department of Housing stance towards the issue.

Fair Housing Advocacy Group (FHAG) notwithstanding is advocating on behalf of all tenants in the complex and formally challenging the Washington, DC Department of Housing in regards to the car damage concerns. The soft approach of general complaint both in person and writing had not been successful and the situation is now serious that tenants are choosing to park on a narrow nature strip in the front building rather their designated spots. This is not only suitable alternatives as it not only looks hideous, but creates a traffic hazard for other vehicles and pedestrians and encourages car...