Stalins and Maos communism

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Stalin´s Communism:

Joseph Stalin was the leader of the Soviet Union, and when he was in power he implemented a new policy called Stalinism. This policies included the rapid industrialization, socialism, a centralized state, collectivization of agriculture, and subordination of interests of other socialist's parties to those of the Communist Party. This rapid industrialization was needed because the country was previously economically backward in comparison with other countries. Rapid industrialization was accompanied with mass collectivization of agriculture and rapid urbanization. Rapid urbanization consisted in converting small villages into industrial cities.



Both were members of a deeply divided communist parties.

Both operated within societies that had suffered a civil war recently and were in constant danger of a foreign attack.

Both fulfill the category of gross exaggeration of the leader also known as ¨Cult of the individual¨

Stalin rose to power with a political party which was already in government.

Subordination of interests of other parties

talks of proletarian revolution arising out of the class conflicts in the society and to be led by the working class.

Maoism talks of a protracted peasantry revolution by eliminating the class enemies by guerrilla warfare.

Marxism aims at brining about a state wherein there is equality between the rich and the poor. Some experts of political thoughts believe it is a philosophy

Mao had a more rural bent than and believed that bourgeois menace is ever present.

Mao Zedong

Joseph Stalin

He used a Marxism- Leninism inn order to build a communist China.

He restored the power with the help of Red Guards.

He attacked intellectuals.

Appearance of a personally cult.