Stand Before Your God

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Stand Before Your God is written by Paul Watkins who studies in the England. He graduated from the Dragon School, and went to the Eton School in the England. Paul Watkins has a special place that is peaceful, and happiness. When he feels sad and lonely, he usually goes to beach, and relaxes his feeling. I have that kind of place that is park. When I feel sad, angry, and nervous, I go to the park and make my feeling refresh. The park is the place that makes me feel be better, and relaxes me.

Parks relax me. I usually go to the park, when my feeling is sad. When I go to the park, my feel becomes to be refreshed, and better. While I look green tiny grass, tree, and pigeons in the park, my feel relaxes and better. When I was 13 years old, one of my good friends died because of a ski accident.

At that time, I felt very sad, and lost my energy. I felt as if I lost my parents. After I went to his funeral, I went to the park near my house. While I sat at the bench and saw around the park, my sorrowful feel began to be better and removed.

When I feel nervous, I go to the park. When I seat at the bench of the park or on the grass and see the sky, I can remove nervousness, and then I get more relaxed. In the middle school in Korea, we have one big test per each term. When the test came soon, I felt very nervous about that test. I couldn't concentrate and do any work. Therefore I needed to relax myself, get rid of the nervousness. I went to the park in our village at night, and sat the bench alone. During sitting at the bench alone, and seeing the sky, my nervous feel began to be removed, and I could concentrate on my work. Therefore I could get a good grade on that test.

Parks are really good and special place for me like the beach for Watkins. It is like my paradise. I always go to the park, when I have problems. When I go to the park, my sorrowful feel disappears, and my nervousness is removed. Parks are peaceful, and refresh place for me.