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Stand by Me This movie contained the growth and development through physical and emotional stages of middle childhood boys. Their ages were around twelve years old and they were just starting junior high. In this movie we learn the background of each of the four boy's lives and how his development has changed over the impact of a fellow boy's death.

We first look at Gordy, who is them main character of the movie. He has a hard life due to the death of his older brother in a jeep accident. He feels as if his father has rejected him as a soon because he wasn't the "good" son. We see this in his father's question of why he didn't have friends like his brothers. Gordy's father said that his friends were liars and thieves. At this stage, we already know what is right and wrong but sometimes it is as if we are testing the waters to see how far we get without getting into major trouble.

We also see how important the role of the father was to Gordy in his dream at the campout. By his father saying that it should have been Gordy who had died rather than his brother symbolizes the disappointment and rejection his father has for him. He has flashbacks of his brother and notice that they are never negative. His self-esteem was never high again after his brother's death. His brother was always complementing him on his writing or just listening to him. His father did no such thing. His self-concept and self-esteem were at all time low levels for the months after his brother died. Feeling he was the one that should have died rather than his brother was a poor evaluation of himself. (Dacey & Travers pg 247) Gordy used...