"Stand By Me" & "The Body"

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Stand By Me


Four boys sets out an adventure to find the missing body of a deceased boy.


Drama, Adventure Film, Film adaptation


Friendship, Innocence, Death, Maturity, Relationship

What is the differences between the story and the film?

The changes between the story and the film, although subtle, has a huge impact on the character arc of the film. I think one of the most major shift is the scene when Chris pulls Teddy away at the train tracks, in the book it is Vern who pulls Teddy. During the fight scene towards the end, Chris had the gun instead of Gordie, which I thought works better in the film. It sort of serves as a reciprocation for Chris for having led the expedition and "fathering" Gordie. The story that Gordie tells during the campfire scene is also different which is quite curious, the film gave it that feeling of revenge which is fitting with Chris's confession with the milk money, about how he was disappointed by an adult.

Gordie's relationship with his brother is a lot different in the book too, they seem to be much closer and fond of each other in the film. The film also picture their innocence a lot heavier, beginning from the promises they make, their conversations, their arguments, until the reaction to Ray's corpse. A lot of the other changes in the film was subtle but the plot remained the same, although the book goes into more of a detail towards the ending.

There is a POV shift in the film, why?

The shift on the film is necessary in order to let the viewers be taken into the "present".

Is there anything conveyed in the story that couldn't be conveyed in the film or vice versa?

The innocence present...